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Our goal at Scuba Divers World is to provide Scuba Divers with a centralized location for all their Scuba Diving needs. We provide links to Dive Centers, Dive Resorts, Live A Boards, Equipment Manufacturers and much more free of charge to both Divers and Providers. Unlike other sites that only list their sponsors and advertisers, or give limited information, we provide direct links to all scuba providers.

We provide Scuba Divers and Surfers vanity eMail accounts from a large selection of many Scuba and Surfing related domain names. We believe that we may be the only Scuba website offering Scuba and Surfing related vanity email addresses.

Our site is updated on a regular basis, so please stop by often and tell your friends about us. If you have a web site, please add us to your links. You can use our banner logo or a text link. If you have a Scuba related site, just drop us a note, and we will be happy to add your site free of any charges.

We test our site using Google Chrome, Windows Edge, Firefox and Apple Safari. But we mostly use chrome, so please let us know if something doesn't display right on a specific Browser.

We have a few Ads to help support this site. Please WhiteList us if you have an AdBlocker and whenever purchasing, go through one of our advertisers. We really appreciate your contribution!

Please feel free to send us comments, suggestions, recommendations and Scuba links.

We are based out of Vero Beach, Florida USA.

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