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Scuba and Travel Checklist

 Scuba Checklist
 Dive Bag  Fins/Dive booties
 Mask / Snorkel  Gloves
 Dive Light/Extra Bulb/Batteries  Backup Dive Light
 Wet/Dry Suit & Hood  Buoyancy Compensator
 Weight Belt.  Tanks? Pony? SpareAir?
 Weight Pockets? Weights?  Glow Sticks/Tank Marker Light
 Tie Wraps  Dive Knife
 Underwater Slate  Regulators
 Gauges - Compass, SPG, Depth  Dive Computer
 Computer Manual  Save-a-dive Repair kit
 Scuba Certification Card  Health Insurance Card
 Log Book  Mask Defogger
 Reef/Marine ID Books  Bactine
 Sun Screen/Sooth-a-Cain  Dive Skin
 Insect Repellent  Ear Drops
 Sea Sick Prevention  Camera/Strobe and Film
 Note Pad/Pen  Sun Glasses
 Emergency Phone Numbers  Dry Box
 Water Bottle  Watch/Bottom Timer
 Bathing Suit  Dive Tables
 Dive Reel  Batteries - Computer & Camera
 Dive Flag with Float  Whistle
 Surface Signaling Kit/Mirror  Extra Mask
 Extra Fin Straps  Magnifying Glass
 Tarp - Shore Diving   

checklist_ personal

This checklist is provided as a packing guide in preparation for travel.  Not all items are applicable to all trips.  Variations will occur based on personal preference, type of trip, destination, duration, etc.  Regardless of the pertinence of this list, we recommend the use of checklists as a standard element during any travel preparation, as even the most seasoned travelers forget something from time to time.  We also recommend using the list as a packing inventory and then leaving a copy behind and carrying a copy with you in the event of baggage problems during your voyage.

 Travel Basics
Essential Documents Useful Items
 Passport  Spare Passport Photos
 Visa  Itinerary
 Airline/Transportation Tickets  Telephone Calling Cards
 Health Card/Documentation
(vaccination certificate)
 Property Registrations
 Reservation Information/
 Insurance Documentation
 Driver's license  Address Book
 International Driver's License  Business Cards
 Documentation copies
(Passport, visa, airline tickets, credit cards)
 Membership cards
(AAA, Hertz, Hilton, United, etc.)
Monetary Literature
 Currency  Guide Books
 Traveler's Checks  Maps
 Traveler's Checks List
(carried separately)
 Travel Journal/
 Credit Cards  Language Books
 ATM Cards (w/ PINs)  Reading material
(books, magazines, newspapers)
 Money Belt/Pouch
(w/ zipclose bags)

Packing Clothing Care
 Luggage  Portable Iron/Steamer
 Backpack  Dirty Laundry Bag
 Fanny Pack  Laundry Soap
 Baggage Lock & Keys
(w/ spare key)
 Travel clothesline/
clothes pins
 Luggage Tags   
 Spare Bag (collapsible duffel)   
Equipment Miscellaneous
 Plug adapters  Travel Watch/Alarm
 Transformers  Multi-Function Pocket Knife
(w/ extra batteries)
 Zip lock plastic bags
 Binoculars  Sewing/Repair Kit
 Camera (w/ extra memory cards and batteries)  Umbrella
 Video camera (w/ extra memory cards and batteries)  Pens/Pencils
 Tripod  Paper/Envelopes
 Photo Vest  Earplugs
 Portable Audio Player  Sink Stopper
   Water Bottles

Clothes Outerwear
 Short Pants, Shirts, T-Shirts  Rain Jacket, Pants
 Dress Pants, Shirts, Jackets,
 Sweat Shirts, Pants
 Dresses, Skirts, Blouses  Windbreaker
 Casual Pants, Shirts  Overcoat/Parka
 Sports Clothes  Thermal Hat
 Sleepwear  Gloves/Mittens
Footwear Outdoor
 Dress Shoes, Socks, Hosiery  Visor/Wide-Brimmed Hat
 Casual Shoes, Socks, Hosiery  Scarf/Bandana
 Athletic Shoes, Socks, Hosiery  Down Vest
 Sandals  Thermal Undergarments
 Hiking Boots, Socks  Under Socks, Gloves
    Flannel/Turtleneck Shirts
    Walking Towel
    Swim Suit

 Toiletry Case  Mirror
 Comb/Brush  Toothbrush, Toothpaste
 Deodorant  Dental Floss
 Soap  Shampoo, Conditioner
 Make-up  Blow Dryer
 Manicure Articles  Hairspray/Gel
 Towel, Washcloth  Razor
 Towelettes  Shaving Cream
 Cologne/Perfume  Toilet Paper

Medicines Preventatives
 Prescriptions  Insect Repellent
 Aspirin/Pain Reliever/Anti-inflammatory  Sunscreen
 Cold/Sinus Medicine
(antihistamine, nasal spray)
 Water Purification System (tablets, drops, filter, etc.)
 Diarrhea Medicine  Skin Moisturizer
 Laxative  Lip Balm
 Malaria Pills/Inoculations  Feminine Hygiene
 Motion Sickness Medicine   
 Altitude Sickness Medicine   
 Sunburn Relief   
 Anti-bacterial Cream   
Eye Care Accessories
 Prescription Glasses  First Aid Kit
 Contact Lenses  Adhesive Tape
 Eye/Lens Drops  Adhesive Bandages
 Lens Cleaner  Elastic Wrap Bandages
 Lens/Glasses Cases  Thermometer
 Sunglasses  Scissors

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